Monday, June 20, 2011

Update on, well, everything!

Summer! Green, warm, fun, less stressful... Thanks, God!

Doug: Wonderful, as always. He's been spending time with some of the younger men at church in a mentoring-type capacity. I think it's great because he has a lot to give.

Tim: A homeschool graduate! It's so hard to believe that the 13 years (we started w/kindergarten) of homeschooling my firstborn have come to an end. He will be attending the University of Akron in the Fall and living in the Honors Dorm.

Myrale: We just finished the whole college search with Tim, and are just starting it with her. She will be a senior this fall. Except for any mid-stream adjustments next year, I have planned my last year of school and ordered my last homeschool books. How can something that has consumed and almost defined me for so long be coming to an end? (Ummm, just to be clear: this is amazement, not mourning or sorrow!)

Me: See above. As my life shifts into a different mode, I am hoping to spend more time on writing and more time on fitness. I also want to seek and find what service my great, gracious, and glorious God has for me.

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