Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gappy, aren't I

On the miniscule chance that anyone follows this blog, let me explain my recent absence. We just made an offer on a 110-year old farmhouse, and I have been busy with phone calls and appointments, etc.

I'll update when there's news, but it may be a while since there's a bank involved on the other end.

Writer of the Week

I enjoyed reading the second in Irene Hannon's Heroes of Quantico series. I like to think that her portrayal of the men who protect our country is accurate, though I don't actually have her personal knowledge.

Just today, my daughter and I heard a quote from a highly placed public official in which it was referenced that he had dropped the 'f-word.' As we were discussing our frustration with the lack of morality in public figures, a police car zoomed past, speeding but with no lights or siren... one assumes, breaking the law because he thought that an officer of the law is above it.

So, I enjoy Hannon's stories, but I appreciate her portrayal of men who should be heroes, as heroes.

Discover more of her books here.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Writer of the Week

I've always been a fan of many genres, so it would be somewhat difficult to choose a favorite, but a top contender would be historical fiction based in Great Britain. The author I've chosen this week is Sandra Worth. Though I've recently discovered her, and only read one of her books, The King's Daughter, it's a sure bet that I'll search out her Rose of York series, too.

The King's Daughter tells the story of Elizabeth, notable for being the first Tudor queen. Worth did a wonderful job of bringing the time period and the characters to life, making the era one I'd like to investigate further.

Her website is here.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Your character's voice

I learned from James Scott Bell a tool that I've found useful in getting to know my characters better. He calls it a 'voice journal'; it allows your character to speak to you in a stream-of-conscousness manner.

I've found it helpful to keep updating the voice journal as I write the story. For example, after my lead has a meaningful conversation with another character, I go to the voice journal to hear what she thinks and feels about it. If I feel a bit of writer's block coming on -- I'm not sure what scene to write next -- I write in the voice journal instead of the story. It often gives me the ideas I need to continue, and at the very least, keeps me writing and 'in' the story.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Snow, snow, snow

Oddest thing happens here in the winters... the snow cover on the roof of our porch ends up sagging down like this.

There is no visible means of support, and the only reason I can come up with is fact that the wind always blows from the side, and must, over time, gradually push the snow further and further.

This is the first year we've gotten a photo of it, but it happens almost anytime we get a large amount of snow that doesn't melt quickly.