Thursday, March 25, 2010

Writer of the Week

I wandered into the library the other day just desperate for a good story to take my mind off all the junk going on (as the final days before we have to close on the house purchase tick by and my husband's job is still not totally safe from layoffs!) Unfortunately, our library puts their shelving info at the bottom of the spine, which makes seeing the publisher a challenge. So I wandered around, until a book called The Lightkeeper's Daugher, by Colleen Coble caught my eye. I picked it up, as well as a very different looking book by the same author, called A Cry in the Night.

I can't say that I read exclusively Christian fiction, but I usually prefer it, so I'm always excited when I find a new author, and can say that I enjoyed both books tremendously, even though they're quite different from each other. The Lightkeeper's Daughter is historical romance, and A Cry in the Night is more suspense/thriller. Though they both have a strong suspense theme, I find that encouraging, as I've heard numerous times about the tendency to 'brand' authors so that publishers expect them to stay within one genre. My writing so far includes historical/biblical fiction, Amish romance, a futuristic thriller, and a YA/teen fantasy novel.

I spent some time poking around Colleen's website, and am also intrigued by the way she is exploring the world of e-publishing by offering downloads of her work.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Thirty minutes a day!

Our writer's group had a guest speaker, Nancy Christie (website) on Tuesday who said something which astonished me.

In just two months of writing for thirty minutes every day, she had gotten 55,000 words done of her novel!

What made it so meaningful to me is that my biggest problem with writing the last few months has been a struggle to know what to work on. I've felt like I ought to write the sequel to Free Indeed, but I've had two other stories that I really want to work on instead.

But I was encouraged by the idea that if I am faithful to write 30 minutes a day, I could finish one and within several months, be able to work on one of the others... I guess when you count editing, it would be at least six months, but still, that's better than I'd been anticipating.

Instead of 30 minutes seven days a week, however, I will probably end up doing 35-40 minutes five or six days a week.