Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Books, books, books!

My life is beginning to calm down a bit, so I grabbed three books when I took Becky to the library today. Two were Kingsbury books that I don't think I've read yet, and the third was secular -- a historical fiction that sounded promising. They're in another room and I'm too lazy to go check the author/title, but hopefully I'll like it enough to write about it.

Sunday, June 06, 2010


What a luxury to own (and have to take care of!) only one home.

God is so good and gracious (even when things don't work out as I would like, but somehow I seem more aware of it when it does.)

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Nothing like a two month hiatus...

I've done almost no writing for the last few months; I feel like I've been a poor contributor to my writing circle, either not able to read the pieces, or just giving them a quick read and offering very shallow critiques.

BUT, we are moved into our new home (I love it!) although we still have a couple of minivan loads worth of stuff at the old house. By this weekend, however, we'll be moved entirely out of there and have it cleaned up for the new owners, who take possession next week.

Once I feel like the worst of the chaos is tamed in this house, I'm going back to trying to be faithful with my writing (and exercising.) I've still been reading novels -- I'm not sure I could live without it, frankly. But it's been more like a starving person gulping down food, than a connoisseur taking time to appreciate it. Every few weeks, I grab a handful of books at the library, and read 3-4 in a day or a day and a half, and then get back to work.

Fortunately, this is a temporary state of affairs.