Wednesday, September 10, 2008

School has begun

This year, we're teaching a 9th and a 10th grader, since we have decided to skip Becky's 8th grade. Fortunately, that is not an irrevocable decision should she not have the maturity to handle high school level work. There's no doubt about the intellectual capacity.

Both are taking courses online, which gives a different twist. Their science classes are online. That's not a change for me, as Doug has been their science teacher for years. It may add a little, as I am the one overseeing their online classes. Becky's taking Earth Space Science, and Tim is taking Anatomy & Physiology. Both are outside of the normal progression of 'Biology-Chemistry-Physics' because their science has gotten ahead of their math.

They are also both taking writing classes with Home2Teach, although that doesn't begin until October. Becky, in addition, is taking a Microsoft Office Applications course. Doug is teaching Tim a robotics class for a computer class, and he's teaching Becky's math, too.

That leaves with, theoretically, with less, so I'm hoping to find time to write this year. However, the American History course we're using (Notgrass Exploring America) involves reading a lot of historical source documents and speeches, and I believe they will get much more out of the course if we read the more important things together and discuss it.

So far, the online courses have taken a lot of my time to help each of them get comfortable with the format and the software, etc. etc. etc. I don't expect that to continue past next week or so.

I also want to spend more time developing some of my thoughts about marriage with the goal of encouraging and helping the young couples in our church.

Of course, if we end up buying this 120 year old house we're looking at, I don't know if I'll have time for anything anymore!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

More on marriage

As I've spent the last few days pondering what makes a good marriage, I remembered a principle I came upon many years ago...

Most people tend to come into marriage with the expectation that their spouse will meet certain needs. I think this is a big mistake. As a believer, I am confident that the Lord is able to meet all my needs. Compare two marriages: The first is composed of two people seeking to take from each other that which they think will fill their gaps; the second consists of a man and woman, each of whom are filled and overflowing from their relationship with God, and who are continually pouring love into each other from the overflow of their primary source -- their walks with God.

It is not hard to see which of the two had a stronger foundation.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Respect vs. Love

It's wonderful how well God's commands provide for our deepest needs! I was talking with a good friend last night about healthy marriages, and was reminded of the fact that while men are admonished to love their wives, we women are told to respect our husbands.

Women, do you know that your husband's need for your respect and admiration is a deep and real as your need to be loved? Our criticism hurts them as much as their indifference would hurt us. Be your husband's biggest fan. Appreciate his efforts without finding fault with the results.

More to come, I hope....