Saturday, April 03, 2010

Personal stuff, again.

The current situation as regards job/house:

Thursday, over half my husband's branch was laid off (ten out of nineteen). We knew it was coming, and knew it would be pretty bad. He's okay so far, but we believe there could be a couple more next week. Fortunately, enough issues have come up and required resolution with the purchase of the other house that we haven't yet had to acknowledge that his job is in question, and that if he gets laid off, we'll have to back out of the whole deal.

I sincerely hope that everything is completely settled by the end of next week. I definitely struggle with concentrating on my writing with all this going on.

Thursday was an especially rough day. I knew the layoffs were coming. Doug's two closest friends there, both believers and one his office mate, got laid off. Half of me was grieving for them, and feeling very tense about everything, but at the same time a realtor was bringing someone by the house that afternoon. So I had to force the other half of me to clean like mad.

Who says...

...that I can only work on one story at a time? Recently, after working on One Faith (tentative title for my Amish novel) for a while, I found myself thinking of my YAF story. So I just switched over, and worked on it for a while. Perhaps I'll give myself a little flexibility to work on whichever story is happening in my head at a given time.

That doesn't sound very professional, though. It seems to be inviting writer's block... because what do I do when none of them are happening in my head? But the problem has tended to be wanting to work on more than one story, as opposed to not having anything to write at all.

Anyway, this is going to be my new attempt at being more productive in my writing!